The WBC Youth Group is about growing disciples.  Between 6th grade and college a lot of growing up happens.  Kids find a new world, new friends, and new attitudes.  They graduate from the play ground to the battlefields of Junior High, to the realities of High School and the challenges of Young Adulthood, as well as a hundred other hurdles in between.  Our desire is that this process is built around a relationship with Jesus our Lord.

We are here to assist teens and parents in growing up holy.

While we have many youth events and activities, our program is structured around straight forward Bible study and discipleship.  Fun and games are of no value if we do not honor God in all we do.  Through Sunday School, Bible Studies, Ministry Teams, Mission Trips, Discipleship Weekends, and Retreats we seek to empower and train kids to ultimately become Godly adults.

Youth Sunday School

Youth Sunday Morning Bible Study at Walker Baptist begins each week with a big group assembly for fellowship and sharing, followed by small group study time led by dedicated adult teachers.

Due to the wide range of maturity between 6th and 12th grades, classes are divided according to age and appropriate gender to match the needs of our youth.


This is the “year of transition” where kids have one foot in their childhood and one foot in the coming teen years.  This ambiguous time can create doubt and fear as well as some skewed views in youth at a very influence able age.  This class is specifically aimed at helping these tweens to make the journey without mishap.

Structured to address the special needs of girls who are in the process of becoming young women, this females only class leads youth to see what the Bible teaches about being a woman of God.

Young men need direct guidance in a world that encourages reckless behavior and selfish motivations in boys.  The younger guys class seeks to provide healthy male role models and challenges that help young teen boys move into the world of manhood as self assured and Biblical young men.

In depth Bible Study and growing toward adulthood are the themes that permeate the high school classes.  A more mature self image is one of the goals for this time in a young woman’s life.  Girls must begin looking at the world as Christian women who value the Bible and seek God as they prepare to venture into a post high school life where they value themselves the way God does.

Men face specific problems.  This older guys class hits these needs head on the way guys need to be confronted to get results. The Bible teaches that men need to value God’s lead in their lives and should then lead others.  This class looks to train young men to be confident and strong in their faith and trust in God.